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The Diary of Anne Ku

15 August 2000 Tuesday sunny in the morning, but rain expected


This weekend I discovered a friend's birthday was on Ides of March. It makes it ever so special, in hindsight, to discover something I composed on the 15th of March could be meaningful to someone.

I discovered yesterday that my friend Patty was a Leo - same day as another friend in California.

So it's mid-August and I am still running to catch up. How did I ever over-commit myself to all these things? It occurred to me that if I just get into a "clear out" mode - a clean-up and clear-out routine, then I may free up the cognitive burden that has pulled me down in the last four months.

Yet just as soon as I finish something, I am introduced to something else.

I shall never rest from travel. I cannot rest from curiosity, innovation, and new discoveries. Novelty attracts me. Am I like Oscar Wilde - I can resist anything but temptation?