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The Diary
Anne Ku

14 April 2001 Saturday





The rundown building had been renovated just enough to be used for martial training classes. The decor was simple.

In the office area, alongside computers, was a DJ's equipment. The martial arts teacher was also fond of mixing music. While showing us how he did it, I felt my blood stir. My hips started to move, and I couldn't stop dancing.

Encouraged by my reaction, the teacher pulled out more upbeat tunes. Soon I felt like I was in a regular disco, with only one dance partner, one DJ, and one audience.

With only one light bright enough for the DJ but dim enough for the two dancers, the studio could be a scene from a movie. The space heater radiated enough heat to keep the audience awake. My dance partner and I requested a rock tune, then a salsa tune. The DJ was quick to comply.

This reminded me of my university days. My weekends began on a Thursday and ended on a Monday. Some fraternities were so kind and desperate that they would play music for me to dance to, even if I was the last person at 4 am.

Tonight, however, we were lucky. The teacher really wanted to be a DJ at night and do martial arts training by day. Where else could we find a smoke-free zone playing the music we requested?

Dance like no one's watching