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The Diary of Anne Ku

8 June 2000 Thursday warm and no rain


There's an art to surfing the web.  I do parallel processing.  While waiting for one website to load, I go to FILE and select NEW WINDOW.   I read from a site, right click on a link and "open in new window."  I keep doing this until I think I have almost reached the system tolerance level.  I may print, save the page as file, or add to favourites (bookmark it, in Netscape terms).  

This week I learned the term "blended media."   This is more than multimedia.  It is about blending the different kinds of media in a dynamic experience.  I could be listening to a streaming radio station while filling out a form on a website.  There may be an on-line chat that I'm participating in.  I may also be participating in an active discussion forum.   Meanwhile, a web helper may come on-line in a particular HELP or SEARCH session.   This sort of multi-tasking suits me well.  It reminds me of the spider-like movements of an organist: all four limbs in four different directions, although I have never managed it well.  I would always have my right foot on the pedal, the left foot moving with my left hand in the same direction, leaving only my right hand independent and free.

One thing leads to another.  Before I know it, I'm lost in cyberspace.  No longer surfing USA.