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The Diary of Anne Ku

26 August 2000 Saturday


One of the consultant reports I read recently summarised the web presence perfectly: B I T.

In the first generation, we use the web as a broadcasting medium, like the radio, TV, and newspaper. The flow of information is one way. So, too we create our intranets so that we can tell our staff once and all at once - rather than sending out emails or memos.

Then we discovered we can actually interact - solicit feedback. Hence, two way exchange of information via forms, discussion forums, and even chat rooms.

With e-commerce, we can even allow payment in exchange for goods and services. Here we transact via the Internet.

How do we get the most out of the Internet? All three.

Right now, I can only broadcast and do limited interaction with my audience due to my web space limitation and my own lack of time. Why would I want to transact? Oh yes, sell my sister's paintings. Her birthday is coming up. That would make a good present indeed!