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The Diary
Anne Ku

8 April 2001 Sunday





The rate at which information arrives is superseding the rate of human retention. As a result, I'm forever playing catch up.

The weekly arrival of Business Week, monthly arrival of Internet World magazine, let alone the daily email news bombardment of various free subscriptions cause an exponential rate of accumulation. How is it humanly possible to digest all of this?

When I'm tired, I become less disciplined. And naturally, the pile gets higher. Reading old news is like eating stale bread - not very pleasant or digestible.

Is there a solution? If I read them when they arrive, I might as well as forget about playing the piano or doing other things that I love. So, like many other people in the same predicament, I have resorted to skimming and filtering. Of course, I will miss important articles. But, thanks to the move towards online publishing and more efficient search engines, I can count on the Internet to be my back-up.