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The Diary of Anne Ku

21 August 2000 Monday no rain but cloudy & sunny


Knowing that thousands will see my work and my name gives me a lift today. Not that my work would stand out among others, but it gives a sense of achievement. It is different from seeing my work on the Internet somewhere.

My father has always encouraged us to submit our work for publishing. My sister and I would write short Chinese articles and submit them to overseas Chinese newspapers. After we learned English, we would submit our writing to overseas American magazines and journals. At one time when I was actively campaigning for student causes, my arguments appeared as a series of essays in local magazines. We wrote essays and poems. My sister gave her own art exhibition. We performed in piano solo recitals. My brother wrote a book when he was but a small boy. My mother typed it up and bounded it together with a cloth cover. He called it "Super Galactic Wonder Piggie." It was no surprise that we were so keen. After all, my father had written, translated, edited, and published twenty-four books as a college lecturer.

So today as I excitedly showed my article to my friends, they wondered if I had been living a disguise. It was ingrained in me since childhood. The desire to write, to publish, to reach an audience..... No wonder.




From my father 21 August:

I have just enjoyed reading all your updated diary, including those pages you filled up, from the day you left UK for US up to Aug 6 and since Aug 20. Though some, like dating x.y.z., have nothing to do with your travel, the content of your latest updated pages is quite interesting. It seems to me the more you write, the more mature your idea grows. Your grading of hotels should be precious and is worth reading. Why not let the managers of those hotels read it and improve their service and thank you for it? Besides, your writing is now fluent and quite reveals your open character. Whoever reads it feels like reading a letter sent by a good friend. I do hope Frances will read all your diary pages and offer you her comments, positive or negative, so you can write better and better.