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The Diary
Anne Ku

18 March 2001 Sunday





One of the many things I looked forward to eating was boiled crawfish. The first time I tried it, my brother and I could barely finish the generous bucketful. Now, almost five years later, I've over ordered again.

Boiled crawfish is a misnomer. The crawfish is boiled with spices not just in plain water. So the later the boil, the spicier it is.

The reason for the over-order was that I ate not just the tail but the head also. It reminded me of a seafood dinner I made in Fontainbleau, France almost six years ago, during which I asked everyone to pass down the prawn heads. The head is the juiciest part, I had said. Tonight it's no different. Wanda passed me the heads, while I took my time sucking the heads dry.