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The Diary
Anne Ku

17 February 2001 Saturday



More than two years ago, my friend Professor M gave a memorable Steinway warming party for his colleagues, many who were musicians themselves. Today we started early and played until the guests arrived in the afternoon.

His Steinway Model B had settled down a bit. The tone was richer and deeper. We tried different combinations of solo, one piano duet, and two piano duets. He introduced me to his collection of blues, jazz, latin music, as well as classical.

We played tiredlessly, all five pianists taking turns on the bench, turning pages, and sitting in the audience. Raymond, who had completed a doctorate in musicology after retirement, introduced a two piano four hand duet by Robert Schumann - Andante and Variations, with melodic arpeggios.

Here is a community whose members get together to make music every now and then. Everyone owned a piano of some sort, usually a grand. Today we played from 2:30 pm until 7 pm, after the professor and I had already tried out several pieces since 10 am.

Tomorrow we will visit their trumpeter friend for more music. If I wasn't leaving one day earlier, we could have gotten together with a cellist and violinist. That will just have to wait until next time I come to Germany!

Piano playing all day long.