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The Diary
Anne Ku

16 March 2001 Friday




After the tornado warnings, the darkened skies, and the pouring rain, the next day turned out perfect. We sat outside next to the fountain and dined on taco milagros and margaritas.

When it got chilly, we moved inside - to the cigar bar. What an experience ! Cigar smoke is much more tolerable (to me) than cigarette smoke. My friend was in her element - and I a mere witness.

Scotch, brandy, port, and a meek shandy - in the company of good conversation. As everyone else had to "work" tomorrow, we parted company just before 10:30 pm.

The evening was almost perfect, if not for the broken glass that jerked me from my trance. I stepped on a piece of see-through, broken tumbler. The glass pierced through my ultra-sheer off-black pantyhose and into my bare flesh. The blood continued to ooze in the car. My left foot was feeling dizzy after a few minutes.

Who left the glass there? Right in the middle of a pavement. I had earlier broken a glass full of ice and water in the bathroom. The incident was like a warning. If only my foot had listened!

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