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The Diary
Anne Ku

14 February 2001 Wednesday



I had arranged a blind lunch date on this Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, since I didn't check my email or write down his name, I didn't remember his name. So asked my colleagues to be on the look out for a hungry Dutch guy.

My hunger got the better of me. I spotted a familiar Norwegian face and joined him and his colleague for lunch. Our table was soon joined by two German traders.

On my way back, someone tapped on my shoulder. Instead of one, there were three! "We're supposed to meet for lunch!"

I'm glad we found each other, I exclaimed. I really didn't want to be alone on this Valentine's Day or night. That evening I joined a group of English and Swedish consultants for drinks and dinner.

When it came to paying the bill, one guy suggested that we play a game of "Spoof." Each of us was to take out three coins. We would choose zero to three coins to hold per game. Then we would go around the table to guess a unique number that represented the total of the number of coins in our hands. The person who guessed correctly who exit the game. The last one in the the round pays the bill.

I was out by the fourth round, thanks to my observation of the seesaw effect. We would either underguess or overguess.

Even after the loser had paid the whopping bill, the dirty dozen still refused to go home. I politely excused myself, for Cinderella really has to go home at midnight!