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The Diary
Anne Ku

31 December 2000 Sunday

Nolo (Law for All): self-help law centre; top information
Real World Rescue: super-serious site that covers high-risk travel, antiterrorism and hostage situations "It only takes a moment to go from tourist to victim."
Saving Money on Travel Insurance: useful links to insurance providers.
The Walking Connection: for trekkers and walking holiday goers
Tips 4 Trips: information from fellow travellers; lots to read.
uTravel: travel news, advice, destination guides, hotel reviews. Check out the handy aircraft seating maps.


My life these days consists of packing and unpacking. It's not a simple matter of putting things into my suitcase. It's a ritual.

First I have to clear up the clutter in my home. Until all the piles of literature have been sieved and trimmed to nothingness, I can't even fathom what to pack. This is probably the only time that I pay attention to my bills and other dreaded admin. After clearing comes cleaning. Only after that is my mind free to think about what to pack.

Coming back is another arduous process. Thankfully, unpacking is much easier than packing. However, this very act usually leaves my home in a mess, which means that my mind gets muddled up as well. Everyday, more magazines, newspapers, bills, and other "readable" material get piled on top of each other. Until ? Until my next trip. Then the ritual begins again.

So it was a relief to see that The Sunday Times travel section has once again read my mind. (I must check out this web site someday) suggested planning before departure. It said,"the worldwide web carries an astonishing amount of information, travel tips and ideas for maximising pleasure and minimising trouble."

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Online: countries, issues, city guides from Frommer's guidebooks, well-written and researched
Ask Dr Weil: survive everything from blisters to food poisoning. chatty.
eTravel: top news stories are violence and natural disasters; warngings, precautions, security advice.
EuroTrip: chatty survival editorials by backpackers, very jolly.
Fit for Travel: Travel Medicine Division of the Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental health supplies the most recent global health reports and advice.
Fodors Travel Tips: lots of info here.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office: in-depth, up-to-the-minute intelligence. Not every country is listed.