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The Diary
Anne Ku

4 February 2001 Sunday



Girl talk. Out near the bayou. Cloudless, sunny, warm day. Sunshine in our eyes. Analysis of Friday night. Lunch at 4 pm.

This was my Sunday. Wanda said, "Don't go back to cyberspace. Be with people. Interact. Don't go back to work. You can always work." But you can't always seize the moment!

So I spent the afternoon cherishing our friendship.

The sun went down. The margarita I drank outside had an immediate effect on me. It relaxed me and prevented me from working. I had planned to spend the entire evening writing. But I was too tired.

Mother called. "Anne, when will you stop being so busy? You have to take a rest sometime."

I am so tired, I said. "Go to sleep," she urged.

And so I did. At 7:30 pm.