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The Diary
Anne Ku

16 January 2001 Tuesday



Basketball has never been a true love of mine. In fact, I'm not one for spectator sports. I'm terrible playing ball. But basketball games are good places to go on a date.

Tonight a contact I've never met before had extra tickets to the Houston Rockets vs Toronto Raptors. I dared not confess that I didn't watch ball. My mother would have really enjoyed taking the other ticket.

My colleague, a passionate golfer, took the other free ticket because it was free and there was nothing else to do that night. So we met up with two guys, who supposedly loved basketball. We entered the Compaq Centre, formerly the Summit. Rockets consistently led the game by 20 points.

I took out my magazines and was surprised that they found them interesting too. Towards the end of the game, we all admitted that we were not basketball fans. We all came along for the ride. Blind dates, all of us.