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The Diary
Anne Ku

12 September 2000 Tuesday

less humid, cooler


All this hype about being on the Internet, having a web presence, etc.....that's what I went to see today at the Barbican. Instead, I was greeted by conference organisers who could not find my badge.

So I queued at another table in hopes that they might find that I've registered already. To my dismay, they, too, could not find me. I gave them my card and went to listen to the speakers in the auditorium.

The light and sound effects were superb. It was more like seeing a broadway show than a corporate presentation. The speakers all applauded and welcomed e-commerce. They talked of the efficiencies it would bring, the transaction costs it would cut, and the numerous other benefits.

During the coffee break, I went outside to queue again. Surely they would have typed my name into the system. No, they haven't. In fact, they were in a greater mess than before, having collected more name cards but still produced no name badges. So I gave up - and also wondered if real life could ever match the "efficiency" of cyberspace. Will it?



I'm experimenting with a new look and feel, after I got tired of the bordered look. Here I'm playing with the hexadecimal colour code.

Efficiency in Cyberspace Part Two: 13 Sept 2000