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The Diary
Anne Ku

6 March 2001 Tuesday



The guy eating alone, next to us, interrupted our conversation, by asking, "Excuse me, but would you mind telling me what you're talking about?"

How rude, I thought. But how awfully bold of him. Before I knew it, he got engaged in a deep discussion with my friend.

It turned out he had a personal website too. Having had a headstart by three years, he chose a domain name that was easy to remember. Then he populated it full of pictures of himself riding horses, thousands of them. It was not a site about horses but about himself and his passion for riding.

So I finally meet another web fanatic who uses the web to expose that inner core. I surfed his site well into the night as I wanted to find out what made his site more successful than mine. The text wasn't easy to see against a patterned background. The links were too small. The guestbook was huge, organised by country, but without dates. I'm sure he gets lots of single female visitors - as girls like riding horses.

I suppose the key success factors of his site are 1- easy to remember and relevant domain name (mine isn't obvious nor easy to spell or remember); 2- a single, focussed subject (unlike mine); and most of all, 3- good quality photos of his handsome self.