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The Diary
Anne Ku

19 April 2001 Thursday





I like to think when I'm swimming. It's a different kind of thinking. Three dimensional space. I like to swim without disturbance or expectation. Without waiting for someone to show up. Without hesitation. Without knowing anyone around me. Most of all, I like to be the only one in the pool

Tonight I am alone. As usual, I go to the steam room - also known as the Turkish Bath. This is the beginning of my meditation. I focus on my breath. I feel the heat. I feel the evaporation.

Fifteen minutes later, I shower. Each time I dive into the pool, I am reminded of that beautiful day in Bali. I had dived into a freshwater natural lake and met the tropical fish inside. Tonight I dive into an almost empty pool.

Nowadays through sheer willpower, I am able to swim an entire hour without a break. I am only able to do this because I have no appointments afterwards, and there's sufficient time before the pool closes. Afterwards, I do the sauna ritual: sauna, cold shower, sauna, cold shower. This is all part of waking up from the meditation.