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The Diary of Anne Ku

13 August 2000 Sunday, cloudy, humid, and it rained!


You are how you feel.

I felt young Sunday. I felt extremely alive as my friend and I scootered thru the parks. Since we hadn't done it before, we didn't know how fast to go. In a way, we were racing each other.

So much energy expended. So much excitement. I felt life in my veins.

Today - Monday - I felt tired. The weather started to turn. The day didn't go so well. But like every day, it went too fast.

Do we necessarily have to feel "down" after we've felt "up"? If we don't live in moderation, then we will always have our ups and downs. In my up, I feel ambitious - that I can achieve anything. In my down, I give up. I can't be bothered. I refuse to act. I contemplate and dwell on it.

I feel that I am.