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Bon Journal

30 Apr - 31 Aug 2001
1 Sept - 30 Nov 2001
December 2001 - 31 consecutive entries
January 2002 - still to populate and update


February 2002

1 February 2002
February is the shortest month in the year, but it always feels like the longest. Is it the cold? Or is it the anticipation of the end of a long winter?
All 28 days are packed full of activities and celebrations.
London debut of Robert Avalon's Avalon Ensemble.
Christening of Alexander, age 6 months.
Chinese New Year of the Horse on 12th February.
This is the month of birthdays.
Tana's birthday. Amanda's birthday. Brother's birthday. Mom's birthday. Have I forgotten anybody?
4 Feb
Fear of commitment
7 Feb
Deny or shut up
9 Feb
Drowning in clutter - part 1
the problem
10 Feb
Drowning in clutter - part 2
input, absorb, output rates
11 Feb
Drowning in clutter - part 3
causes of clutter
12 Feb
Drowning in clutter - part 4
emotional clutter
13 Feb
Physical clutter and mental space
14 Feb
Dance like no one's watching
15 Feb
The familiar unfamiliar
16 Feb
Decision paralysis and procrastination
17 Feb
Hitting rock bottom
Outstanding list:
update this Bon Journal with tales of my travels and penniless thoughts
18 Feb
Who got paid bonuses
19 Feb
Tales of travellers NEW!
21 Feb
Deregulation blues
27 Feb
Parody submissions
28 Feb
My first CD sale
March 2002