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Who got paid bonuses?

This was how the (over) $55 million retention bonuses got distributed, by last name. When a company goes bankrupt, certain employees are more valuable than others. They are "retained" by "bonuses." Everyone has been wondering who got what. Here's a list circulating on the Web.

Abel to Brassfield including Jeremy Blachman $250 k
Brewer to Delossa including Anthony Dayao $200 k
Deffner to Gay including Janet Dietrich $300 k,
Rich Dimichele $500 k, Jim Fallon $1.5 m
Geaccone to Hernandez
Herod to Kobes including Gary Hickerson $700 k,
Louise Kitchen $2 m
Kortez to McGee
McGillivray to Nicolay including Jeff McMahon $1.6 m
Nieland to Reeves including Beth Perlman $200 k,
Greg Piper $400k
Reitmeyer to Simon including Stewart Seeligson $350 k,
Richard Shapiro $250 k
Siurek to Vinson
Walden to Zucha including Pat Weatherspoon $20 k


18 February 2002 Monday

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