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Physical clutter and mental space

There is only so much that my brain can handle. When it runs out of space, the physical and the mental cross paths. That's when I feel the urge to get rid of the physical clutter to make mental space.

Here at my friend's top floor studio, it feels cluttered because of the lack of storage areas. Everything is out in the open. There is nowhere to switch off.

In my own home, it doesn't take long to get to complete chaos. There's not enough space to put things down or to relax. After seeing the movie Lord of the Rings, I returned to my hobbit hole, for truly, it's hokey pokey.

Meanwhile my brain has many compartments. When there's too much input, I don't have time to open and close each compartment. It's like having all my desk drawers open. I can't find anything. I can't remember anything.

To compensate for my temporary inability to cope with the mental clutter, I launch a full scale spring cleaning of my house. So the two are absolutely related.

13 February 2002 Wednesday

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