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The familiar unfamiliar

They all look familar. But I don't know them. They were here a year ago, just as I was. And that familiarity makes it less intimidating.

Economists would argue that dealing or being with the familiar has lower transaction cost than the unfamiliar. Last year I made a point of visiting every single booth - all 255 exhibitors at the annual E-world of energy in Essen, Germany. But now I only visit those I know.

I got the same feeling a couple weeks ago at the christening of my friends' six month old son. Everyone there had also been guests at their wedding. They all look familiar, but I don't know them.

Is this how it feels when my friends come to my parties? I invite my friends who don't necessarily know or want to know each other. Of course, I'm the happiest. But how do they feel?

15 February 2002 Friday