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30 Apr - 31 Aug 2001
1 Sept - 30 Nov 2001
December 2001 - 31 consecutive entries


January 2002

1 January 2002
Why isn't anyone signing my new automated guestbook?
Goodbye, my beloved Mister Tidworth! I've given you to The Other Woman because I've become allergic to you. But I'm sure you won't miss me.
cat on her lawn
2001 Year of the Cat
3 January 2002
PhD: piled higher and deeper
one year into my PhD in West Hampstead
November 1991
It's been almost 7 years since I submitted my thesis - and lost my appetite in the final "endspurt". Yet the umbilical cord is still there, pulling me back twice a week, to enjoy the new healthclub facilities that were built after my departure. When a good friend asked me about doing a PhD, it brought back vivid memories. It's as if I had never left.
the day I passed my oral exam
May 1995
5 January 2002
my favourite recipes
five kinds of cookies
24 December 2001
Is it time to start a new section on cooking? Who said a woman should be a lady in the sitting room, a gourmet chef in the kitchen, and a ???? in the bedroom? In cyberspace, should a woman be anonymous?
mid January 2002
invited book review - on branding
"It's not about you. It's about them."
Readers share their thoughts.
6 Jan
No password, not funny
7 Jan
Guilty until proven innocent
8 Jan
Almost 20 year reunion
9 Jan
Like child or like parent?
10 Jan
Conquering fear of flying
February 2002