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My first CD sale

"Long time no see! We thought you've forgotten us."

That's the typical reaction of old friends, colleagues, and contacts who haven't heard from me in awhile.

"So what have you been up to? what's up?"

Let's see. In the scraps of time available between my trips, my writing, and other things that keep me so busy, I managed to compose, practise, record, and create a CD of me playing my own piano solo compositions. All 80 minutes of it.

"Really? Show me. Can I have it?"

Not really. This is my own copy. Besides, it took me a long time to create this - with the help of friends, of course. You see, I swapped a month's rent for the recording and digitising. Then I swapped my editing and writing advice for the creation of the CD label and covers. I also bought a pack of 100 CD's at the airport and part of this was swapped for my friend's time in copying.

Then I gave free copies to friends and family to get feedback. Only then did I feel confident enough to reproduce more.

"Can you sell it to me?"

Hmmm. I haven't thought of that. Actually, I don't know how much it's worth. They are my original compositions. And you can't hear them anywhere. Of course, some of the music scores are available on my web site.

So we talked about other things for an hour. And it was time for me to leave.

"So, have you decided? How much would it be to buy a CD from you?"

Okay. Okay. How about 15 pounds?

"This better be good."

As I took the tenner and fiver from his hands, I had a flashback to those nights selling hotdogs and soft drinks at high school football games. It felt so good walking home with a wad of cash. I remember getting paid in cash for playing the piano and organ at church. I remember the cash for playing in talent shows, teaching piano, babysitting, and selling brownies at bakesales.

Here was cash. If I sell ten CD's, then I can fly to Amsterdam three times. If I sell twenty CD's, then I can fly to the States. If I sell fifty CD's a month, that would pay for my living expenses and free up my time to compose more music! Now that's an idea worth pursuing!

28 February 2002 Thursday

CD contents, mp3 samples
80 minutes of 36 piano solo compositions by Anne Ku recorded on her grand piano
what people have said about the CD