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No sooner had I put together Enron parodies of the "Da Doo Run Run" song, I received fresh submissions from ex-employees or non-affiliates who wanted to have their say.

Parodies are artistic ways to express your anger, bitterness, or other negative emotions through somebody else's song or rhythm.

When I last checked on Google, there were many pages of Enron parodies, mainly on the same song. But sooner or later, people will get tired of the "Da Doo Run Run" tune.

How else can people express themselves?

You can write short stories, like my 14-part story.

You can do caricatures, like the sort of political cartoons my sister used to get paid to do.

You can joke. And I'm not in the loop of jokes, other than the cows and mules stories.

I heard there's a movie being made. Maybe you can try out for the cast.

How else do people vent?


27 February 2002 Wednesday

Enron links
Ontario Power says Enron scandal hampers plans
By Rajiv Sekhri, TORONTO, Feb 26 (Reuters) -
Ontario Power Generation, the province's largest electricity generator, said on Tuesday that Enron's demise had hobbled its attempts to divest assets as banks had become wary about lending to utilities, whose ratings have slid after the U.S. energy giant's spectacular collapse.