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Deny or shut up

The long anticipated testimony was a disappointment. "Taking the 5th" has become contagious.

When someone did speak, it was pure denial.

Will we ever get anyone to confess?

Will there ever be truth and justice?

We are all human beings, subject to the same faults of temptation, rationalisation, and the herd mentality. If someone higher up does it, it must be okay. If it's been accepted, then it must be okay. If no one questions it, it must be okay.

So we go along with the crowd. You hear what you want to hear. You say what you think others want to hear. It's the corporate game. It's the way to survive.

Mavericks, whistle-blowers, and those who call the bluff don't survive in this game. They are called the innocent idealists. They don't get promoted. They get marginalised. Instead of negotiating a sweet severance package or get tax-free payoffs by getting deliberately fired, they stupidly and naively resign in angst or disgust.

At the end of the day, the conscience should know. But will it be heard?

You may get millions for craftiness. You may ride the waves with the big boys. But one day, the ship will sink. And there's no life boat in sight.

So what do you do?

If you get caught, either shut up or deny you know anything.

After all, you are innocent until proven guilty.

7 February 2002 Thursday

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