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In my internet article about wedding web sites, I wrote

"Nowadays, you can find the score to any known tune on the Internet. For the bride and groom, this means they can choose their favourite songs." 

This statement was apparently newsworthy and sparked the Freepint community into an active hunt  for "free sheet music."

Free sheet music on the Internet comes in various shapes and forms.  What is freely available is not well-categorised.   The most complete,  readable (by quality of print), downloadable, and properly categorised sheet music (into type, instrument, composer, title, and difficulty)  are regrettably not free.  

Nevertheless, this interest has inspired me to compile this long overdue page, containing my original arrangements and compositions for your review and enjoyment.  

Anne Ku, 23 April 2000

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  • Making Magic (Mar 00)
  • Summer Solstice (Jun 00) - transcribed/re-arranged for classical guitar by Jubing - and now being rearranged for mallets for a band contest in the US !

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words by Pamela G. Grant
music by Anne Ku

in memory of Anne's high school classmate Patty Brightwell Vaughan who was reported missing just after Christmas 2006 in San Antonio, Texas

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words and music by Anne Ku

18 November 2005
Anne Ku joins Piano Society as composer and pianist. The Piano Society is an informative website containing mp3's of recordings of live pianists playing works of mostly dead composers.

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Updated: 12 February 2009

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