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Home is where the heart is. If music is the food of love, then it should be savoured in the comfort of one's home.

Aranjuez quartet 2002 with Ronit, Constant, Gary, and Robert Aranjuez quartet 2002

Anne serving the sangria to the outdoor concert Anne Ku close up July 2002

Outdoor audience stage designer

william 2002 Robert Bekkers, guitarist 2002

concert photos by
Jeremy Quartey-Papafio

on top of Andalucia

the view from Mijas

the Alhambra of Granada


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a Spanish summer soiree


music of Albeniz, Rodrigo, Granados, and other Spanish masters

special guest: Robert Bekkers performing on a hand-built guitar finished in May 2002 on the footsteps of the Alhambra in Granada. Robert Bekkers 2002

Saturday 27 July 2002

6 pm


music programme

guests: 34 including performers.

Special guest: Anne Ku's mom who made the curry puffs and Chinese scallion pancakes.


  • vegetable skewers dipped in Baena olive oil and salt
  • stuffed mushrooms basked in Amanda's freshly picked oregano and Baena olive oil
  • ga li jiao (curry puffs)
  • tsong you bing (Chinese scallion pancakes)
  • devilled eggs
  • roasted chicken legs in mint
  • hazelnut wholewheat bread - to dip in Baena olive oil
  • Deidre's couscous and shrimp salad
  • Deidre's chicken
  • red currant fruit crumble

sangria: red wine soaked in slices of orange and lemon, white sugar, club soda, ice

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24 August 2002
Bachelor party


For Sale towards support of this concert:
CD's of Robert Bekkers Spanish guitar solos
CD's of Anne Ku - original piano solo compositions