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Spanish summer soiree

Today's the big day! I had originally planned to have a soiree to celebrate my new conservatory, which has since been put on indefinite hold. Why? Because I'm job-free, that's why.

Nevertheless, the party must go on.

The first to arrive was either Yousef, the painter who had renovated a church to make it into his studio and exhibition hall -- or -- Paul, the conservatory designer.

Soon after arrived my neighbours Jola and Dave, who rescued me some months back from being locked out of my home. I wanted to thank them for taking me in at such a late hour, by introducing them to my home concerts.

Meanwhile the musicians, who have been rehearsing since 4:30 pm, continued to rehearse outdoors.

It's one of those sunny days, warm enough to remain outdoors for a long time, but not too hot to trot.

Ayyub, the architect who had saved my brick shed disaster in April, had a brilliant idea. He wanted a piece of string and some spotlights to design a new outdoor stage. Such vision! I would have never thought of the potential.

Today we were blessed with a visitor from afar. Raj just arrived from Seattle and had a few hours to spare before flying off to Africa. [Unfortunately he had to leave before the outdoor concert began.]

6 pm doors open

sangria and tapas served

7:30 pm outdoor concert

8:10 pm more hot dishes served

9:00 pm indoor concert

The last to leave was Paul at 3 am. Perhaps he wanted to make sure that I did not cancel the conservatory.

27 July 2002 Saturday

Spanish Summer Soiree
I had eaten very little at lunch and as a result my stomach was in knots. As usual, I got so excited that I couldn't eat. My stomach hurt until 11 pm when I was finally able to relax.
Anne with sangria jug close-up
Anne and outdoor audience
Ayyub 2002
outdoor audience 2002
Aranjuez 2002
Robert 2002
photos taken by Jeremy Quartey-Papafio
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