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Preparation galore

I have done this a hundred times. But why am I so disorganised this time? Perhaps it's the false confidence of having my mom around to help prepare. And so I've slacked off.

She's already anticipated the appetite of some three dozen guests. So she asked me to buy two bags of flour and several dozen eggs. And while I paced up and down thinking about the sequence of events tomorrow, she's been rolling the dough and making the filling for the curry puffs.

While I've been taking it easy, my mother's been quietly making bags of ice --- every single day.

I asked Jeremy if he would bring two 3 liter boxes of red wine and some mineral water. I couldn't carry so much stuff on my bicycle.

When my guests called to confirm they were coming, several also asked what to bring. I couldn't think. I thought it was all taken care of -- by mom.

If mom takes care of the food, Robert Bekkers takes care of the music, then all I need to do is to pour the sangria and make sure everyone feels at home. It doesn't matter if there's not enough food, as long as everyone has enough to drink and feels cosy. The diversity of guests will take care of the conversations.

After all, it's not everyday that people get invited to a summer soiree. And it's not every summer that I give a Spanish one!

26 July 2002 Friday

Spanish Summer Soiree
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