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Aranjuez arrangement

The second movement of the Aranjuez Concerto was probably what brought its composer Joaquin Rodrigo to international fame. He was hailed as Spain's greatest composer.

For my upcoming Spanish Summer Soiree, the Dutch guitarist and composer Robert Bekkers wanted to play this concerto with me. However, I was hesitant because of lack of practice. So he decided to arrange the second movement for two guitars, in hopes that I would pick up my new guitar.

When I informed Bekkers that the London-based bassoonist Constant Van Dorp was available to perform, he decided to include the bassoon part in his arrangement.

No sooner had I fitted the bassoon into the programme, I learned of that the flautist Ronit Miles Ben-David was to join us. So Bekkers changed the arrangement to include the flute part.

I was still uncomfortable with the 2nd guitar, as easy as he might have arranged it. So I called the composer and guitarist Gary Power to save me from having to play in the ensemble. By sheer luck, he was not only available but delighted to join us.

This morning during their first rehearsal (without the flautist) I watched them practise and even better, heard them discuss the intricacies of the arrangement. How wonderful to be surrounded by professional musicians!

25 July 2002 Thursday

Spanish Summer Soiree
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