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London parks

"The great thing about London," my father once said, "is its parks. Parks in Taiwan are full of people talking loudly and singing and selling things. Parks in London are peaceful, the way they should be."

Indeed, he's quite right. Where I live I'm surrounded by four parks. Within a few minutes cycle ride are even more parks. But parks are not the most tranquil places, cemeteries are.

I took my mom to Kew Gardens, my namesake. She's already been to Regent's Park and Hyde Park. Kew Gardens is not a free park, but a royal botanical garden that includes several famous conservatories. Among them is the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

On this visit I was more intrigued by the special plot of colourful flowers and vegetables. The theme was about colour and how nature was full of it.

The older I get, the more I enjoy nature, and the less I enjoy man-made things. I'm so glad for London's parks. And my council tax is well spent at last!

24 July 2002 Wednesday

Kew Gardens July 2002
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