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Olive oil from Baena, Spain

Bon Journal

After the party

The long anticipation - and then it's all over.

Food: Not enough. I forgot to serve my coconut cake and my oatmeal raisin cookies. I should have prepared more olive-oil laden vegetable skewers on toothpicks, certainly two more dozens of stuffed mushrooms and devilled eggs. Yasmin didn't show up, so there was no fresh baguettes for dipping into the olive oil.

Music: gives the party a focus. Not just any party, but one in which there's serious entertainment. Wish there was more time to prepare.

Guests: high diversity index; both right and left brained, from painting through to stockbroking. Nationalities: UK, US, Ghana, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, ...

Drinks: Sangria was a hit. The trick is to marinate the wine and sugar in cut fruit overnight. Kathryn commented that it wasn't too sweet and that was good.

Conversation: everyone was talking.

Weather: perfect, though it did get hot in the indoor concert. Luckily somebody opened the front door.

Everytime I do a concert party like this I say I'll never do it again. Everytime it's over, I decide I will do it again.

28 July 2002 Sunday

Spanish Summer Soiree
The weather was like this - sky was blue with fleece-like clouds:
Spanish Summer Soiree 2002
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