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The Welcoming

I may attempt to put words to one of your beautiful musical pieces but it is daunting. It would certainly have to be beautiful words to do your music justice.

Alice Lee, submitted 23 May 2003


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The Welcoming

by Alice Lee

The master of the solitudes
You hold the only key
I am the welcoming
Waiting unseen
While you languish in vicissitude
As cold as alone can be
Determined to continue seclusions odyssey
Come out and feel the sunshine
Come out and be with me
Don't you weary of the exile
There is much to see
Open wide the dismal outlook
That has held you like a cage
Kept the handsome wanderer at bay
I've worn a path around you
As I peered inside to see
If I could find an entrance
Not requiring a key
But you the wary master
Have barred the place up tight
My lonely soul will not find rest tonight
I did not choose to love you
For your ways seemed dark and mean
But I looked at you and the look of you
Stirred something deep in me
Was I ready for the challenge
Was I ready for the task
What made me think that I, just I
Could lift the sullen mask
Could light your eyes
I'm only me
So lonely me
But my foolish soul
Is wanting you
So I am kind to you
And I delight in you
If hardened eyes won't see my smile
I still reach out to you
And I will feel for you
Though I am chilled by hint of frost
I cannot leave
I watch and listen
The long awaited turning of the key
Oh do not pity me
It is my dream
It is my fantasy
To be the mistress
Who holds the master's key
Come visit me
I'll be inside
The welcoming