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analyticalQ Bon Journal: featured poems
"from beside a cloudless pool" describes on the edge of the pool early morning
with no clouds overhead
Helen is a very southern female name in Texas....I knew many Helen's in my life
the guy in this one is an older hobo...nomadic poor traveller who has reached later stages of life and is looking back as he continues his journey unto Death.
Bill Brocato is a Tokyo-based Texan who enjoys poetry, literature, and travel.

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Freight Train

Aroused from a vagrant slumber, I wash our
morning's vanquished sex from beside a cloudless pool.
I hear the clackity-clacking western-bound
freight train and Helen's laughing shadow
racing along the boot-black railroad tracks.
I feel the rich Neches river clay beneath my
feet and fill my lungs with the unwashed
scents of post cards mailed from faraway places.
Arms pumping in the heated East Texas
breeze, I glance back, remember the chores
and books left unread. My legs are old, I
say; she laughs, encouraging my steps with a
glance of her swollen breast.
I race to grab hold her dew-worn smile and
cheat the boxcar's silent wheels.

-- Bill Brocato, Tokyo, 7 October 2002