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Sites are back up

When my sites are down, I feel as if a part of me has shut down. Today they came back up. I'm alive again.

My web host said they were down because I had transferred my domains to a new registrar. But this is hardly likely because I had earlier transferred analyticalQ without any downtime.

The new domain name registrar said it was because the parent domains were registered with Verisign. I don't know what this means but it could be related to my subdomain problem.

The terrible consequence of this was loss of e-mails and site traffic.

To resurrect the situation, I decided to change the domain name servers (DNS), essentially transfer to a new web host rather than wait for the situation to resolve with the old. What this meant was a further delay before my sites could be up.

During the blackout period, I felt the uncertainties and my confidence in my old web host erroding. Will this happen again?

The previous web host of analyticalQ often attributed the frequent outages to another web site on the same server that got too many hits. It dragged my site down.

Another reason for downtime was the entire Internet highway being log jammed --- sort of like rush hour.

Well, my conclusion is that it is better to know why my sites were down and do something about it than sit in the dark hoping someone else will turn on the light.

2 December 2003 Tuesday

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