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Love is actually all around

The previews of "Love Actually" were very tempting. I guessed that this English movie was about different stories of love all intertwined in the lives of ordinary people in England.

It's a feel-good movie. You are bound to identify with somebody in it. And it's about love. All kinds of love.

Unrequited love: you love but you can't be together to love

Old and familiar love: a married couple

Jilted love

Grieving love

Idealism: love for the perfect and the ideal


Lust mistaken for love

The scenes of London made me homesick watching this film among the Dutch. Living in London has been like living in a movie. All the scenes are so familiar and so famous, or rather, made famous by movies such as "Love Actually."

The movie starts with scenes of embrace at Heathrow Airport. Funnily enough, I never felt love or loving at Heathrow, only anxiety and anticipation. Whenever I get off the plane, I know there's no one to meet me there. I rarely go pick someone up, and when I do, I'm usually late and feeling terribly guilty. Similarly, I rarely take someone to the airport to say goodbye. Saying goodbye is not my favourite passtime.

Verdict: go see this film with someone you love or want to love or want to be loved by

3 December 2003 Wednesday

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