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No e-mails for 5 days

Where do I begin? To tell a story of the missing e-mails. Not just missing e-mails but also having to live with my three websites being down since Thanksgiving Day.

All day today I've been e-mailing my current web host, my future web host, my domain transfer agent, and participating in web host discussion forums to try to diagnose what went wrong.

The gist of the story is this:

1- I contacted my current web host for,, that I wished to cancel my hosting account.

2- Having just paid for the coming month, the host and I agreed we have a month to do the transfers.

3- I contacted my new host that I wanted to transfer and renew my domain also (from my old host) to My new host advised that I do the domain name transfer first before changing web hosts.

4- Meanwhile, I discovered that my subdomains were being redirected to some French dating site. In my anger, I wrote a Bon Journal entry about it and sent it to my current web host, who threatened to take action unless I removed their name. So I did.

5- I transferred my domain names on Thursday 28th November 2003. And from that date onwards, I have not been able to access my websites.

6- Today, I discovered from a few people who have sent me emails that their emails got returned. I also learned that my emails never arrived --- though the emails I had sent didn't get returned to me.

7- My current web hosts have not responded to my urgent requests for help. I have been forced to diagnose what went wrong by other means.

So if you're sending e-mails to -----,, they will be LOST in cyberspace until the sites are up again.

What have I lost? All day today. Traffic to my sites. Potential buyers from my book sale and declutter sale.

Will I get compensated for this?

1 December 2003 Monday

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