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All the time in the world to compose

Over a glass of Guinness Black (guinness with black currant or cassis), I asked the composition students about their daily lives.

They all wished they could do nothing else but compose. There is so much in their heads that they want to write down. But the mundane activities of daily living get in the way.

I could relate to that. When I had an idea, whether it be a tune or a structure, I had to drop everything to write it down. And I would reprioritise my day, putting composition first. Everything else - my job, my personal life, my cat- could wait.

I am in my writing phase now. I haven't played much piano let alone composed music. But when I have an idea, I want to rush to my computer to write about it.

The composers took out their cigarettes. I expressed my dire hatred of smoking. They admitted that it's a bad habit. But if they have to give up everything in order to have the time to compose, they relish in every puff of their cigarettes. That is the one luxury they refuse to give up no matter how much they want to quit.

Now I understand why so many journalists and composers smoke so much.

What would I not give up for all the time I dedicate to updating this Bon Journal?

I would give up sleep, outings with friends, and even food to update this Bon Journal. But I would not give up my daily exercise of cycling, swimming, and yoga or pilates. No, I need fresh air - not cigarette smoke - to fuel my thoughts.

30 November 2003 Sunday

Le Bon Journal, Vol 1, Issue 11: Smoke like you don't want to live
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