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Composers concert in Utrecht

It was my first time performing in a composers concert. The hall contained two steinway grands and a new Bösendorfer as well as a host of other instruments.

The two hour concert (with no intermission) introduced new kinds of music written by new composers, ranging from solo instruments (such as piano and voice) to duos, ensembles, and even electronic music.

Without a formal announcement of this event, I didn't expect such a large turnout. Every seat was taken, and no one protested at the lack of an intermission.

I got up to play after the solo guitarist, somewhere towards the end. By then, I had experienced, for the first time, listening to music through the ears of a composer rather than a performer or someone in the audience. There was so much variety here --- a spectrum of rhythms, colours, moods, texture, .....

The last composer told me that the teacher was familiar with a lot of different styles, that's why there's such a variety here. "Which year are you?" I asked. He replied that he wasn't sure. Fifth? He's been working four days a week and composing was just a way of life.

12 November 2003 Wednesday

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