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Neil Fleming, playwright

No, I'm not talking about the Canadian playwright, but the English playwright Neil Fleming.

He hired me as a consultant to help set up weather data and price data for a new European power newsletter when he was editorial vice president. Three years later (around the time I was leaving), he resigned to pursue his dream after a successful debut of his play in Plymouth. His judgement was so valued at the company, however, that he was retained on a part-time basis to advise on corporate strategy.

From day one, I said that I wanted to work part-time --- four days a week, from 11 am to 7 pm, so that I could practise the piano in the mornings. He thought I was eccentric, and the word soon spread. Little did I know then that he had a second passion, too.

Later he encouraged me to go for the magazine editor job because I had always wanted to write and see my name in print.

Although we both built company intranet sites, it was the belief in using our heads to follow our hearts that led to our career change. He said,"If I don't give it a go, I'll never know." Indeed, I don't want to wonder what-if when I'm at the end of my life. There's never a better time than now.

He founded his own theatre company and built his own website hydrocracker. The award-winning energy journalist is now an established playwright in the demanding circles of central London.

11 November 2003 Tuesday
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