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CD Baby!

Yesterday was one of those spectacular days when everything wonderful happened all at once!

I finally received my new books - Risk and flexibility in electricity. I performed in a composers concert.

And the bonus:

my CD of my piano solos got listed on CD Baby!

I'm finally acknowledging the power of third party distributors who have a wide reach and a powerful online payment facility.

Next I want to figure out what Pay Pal is - and try to sell more of my CD's and books via Amazon and perhaps even e-bay.

The ironic thing is - my friends have told me about CD Baby, ebay, amazon, PayPal, etc. for years. But I guess I either wasn't listening or I wasn't ready to take it in.

Welcome to the new world of letting other people do it for you!

13 November 2003 Thursday

Listen to Anne Ku's piano solos on CD Baby and buy a copy for Christmas to support
BUY the CD!
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