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World Travel Mart

My Irish friend told me about the World Travel Mart being the biggest annual event for the travel industry. Decision makers will be there. Deals will be negotiated.

I was curious, for I love to travel. I wanted to know what the travel industry is about.

So I pre-registered on their web site to get a press pass. On the day, I showed two copies of Le Bon Journal Newsletters. I got in.

Excel Customs House near Canning Town - in Canary Wharf area of East London - was mapped out like the world. Three hours clearly weren't enough for me to visit every booth. I got sidetracked by the luxury hotel chains, the man who flew hot-air balloons in the Serengeti in Tanzania, and the multi-colour booths of exotic destinations.

How can I craft my portfolio career (or rather, career portfolio) so that I can travel to such exotic places and still get paid for it? My sister got flown to Langkawi, Saipan, and other places when she worked as a newspaper reporter. I suppose it's just a perk of working for a widely-read newspaper.

Yes, there must be a way. After all, travel is one of my many passions.

13 November 2002 Wednesday

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World Travel Mart is hosted by Reed Exhibitions.
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