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From dust till dawn

How privileged I am to be notified and invited to private viewings, which are usually held before or on the first day of a new exhibition.

At Pitshanger Manor House, Torill Haugen's film installation "From Dust till Dawn" was presented with live piano music by the Norwegian composer and pianist Ketil Bjornstad. His music is modal, like that of Ludovico Einaudi.

Three strips of film or slides showed a slim woman dressed in white trying to climb up the stairs at Pitshanger Manor House. Her dress was like a straightjacket, preventing her from going up naturally. It's a dance of confusion.

The music is haunting. Afterwards, I walked to the piano and saw that the score was handwritten. I asked the composer how I could obtain his music. He said it's easy. Just play it and you can figure it out.

The dancer in the film eventually got rid of her dress and leapt up the stairs, several steps at a time.

We have our own restrictions and inhibitions. We know that we can climb up if we get rid of the straightjacket that binds us.

I'm sure I can figure out his music if I listen to it enough times. Why don't I just write my own music?

14 November 2002 Thursday

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