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Music at Hotel Claridges

I walked into a marbled hall. The sound of viola and piano welcomed me grandly. It was tea time, and I longed to have afternoon tea under the high ceilings.

My blind business date arrived. He looked different from his photo on his web site. We got seated next to the piano during the musicians' break. While there was silence, we talked.

Once the musicians returned, I couldn't concentrate on our conversation any longer. It was a viola, I thought. Not a violin. The violist and the pianist played so many familiar tunes whose titles I tried to recall.

I could be the pianist, I thought. Yes, I love to sightread. I love to play with another musician. I love chamber music. I love to play on a good grand piano. I love to play in a big room with high ceilings like this.

But the musicians didn't get an applause after each piece. They were there for background music, after all.

12 November 2002 Tuesday

Hotel Claridges is a 5 star hotel near Bond Street tube station. It's famous for "Gordon Ramsay" - the famous chef.
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