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New home with IKEA

"Let's visit IKEA to get some ideas," he said.

"Sure," I said. "It's been awhile."

I remember visiting IKEA just after I bought a place of my own. I needed so many things: a bed, a desk, chairs, window blinds, tables, shelves, and kitchen things.

When we got there, I noticed that I had outgrown IKEA. If only they will take back what I had bought! I would rather have less and see more of my floor and bare walls.

It's exciting being a new home owner. No longer will you be a victim to the whims of your landlord. Instead, you will be a slave to your mortgage.

No longer will you have to worry about moving everytime your rent goes up. Instead, you just have to worry about paying your mortgage on time.

No longer will you have to chase your landlord to fix things. Instead, you have to go through the phone book looking for reliable builders, plumbers, electricians, and other home-friendly helpers.

It's great to get your own place, especially after moving many times. I moved from houseshares to renting a solo flat. But in the end, my grand piano dictated the move to my own home. And now, all the things I own are crying for a bigger place.

My advice to my new homeowner friend: enjoy your new home with IKEA. But you will soon fall out of love with IKEA.

27 October 2002 Sunday

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