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Four Yamaha grands

I grew up playing a new Yamaha upright console. At university, my favourite practice piano was a Yamaha baby grand. On this trip, I managed to play on four different Yamaha grand pianos.

The Dutch pianist and composer Heleen Verleur has a lovely Yahama grand. I sightread the new songs she wrote.

Hotel Okura in Amsterdam has a bigger Yamaha grand. I had played on it only a year before.

The Yamaha baby grand I played at the Dutch wedding in Ede was the secret to the magic of the evening. A good piano makes the music, I say. I can play for hours if the keys respond to my touch.

The Yahama grand at a music school in Bussum was the best. It was clean and covered. I played in the empty cafeteria until beckoned to stop.

It seems that everytime I visit this country, I find more pianos to play. I didn't even mention the two uprights!

26 October 2002 Saturday

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