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Calm after the storm

I returned to a peaceful and dry London. It had rained all night in the Netherlands. Once the rain stopped, the wind had howled all day.

But something has happened in London. The trees are barren, leafless and almost lifeless. In my nacked back garden, I see only fallen leaves. Amidst all the chaos of the weekend -- supposedly the worst storm in 12 years -- a new red rose has bloomed and survived in my garden.

It's Monday, the day after the clocks changed. Somehow, the storm also brought an end to the endless summer. It was a summer of outdoor activity for me -- cycling, exercising, and berry picking. And now, it's back to indoor activities of writing, piano playing, cooking, and sleeping.

I will savour this final week of October. It will be a long winter once more. And I can't help asking myself, what am I doing in a cold place like this? Why am I savouring the calm before my own storm?

28 October 2002 Monday

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