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Bon Journal

Women composers

It's a preliminary conclusion. Nevertheless, the pieces composed by women that I've sight read so far seem more intuitive than those composed by men. It feels good playing them. They flow.

In the editor's foreword (Frauen komponieren 22 Klavierstucke / Female Composers 22 Piano Pieces edited by Eva Rieger/Kate Walter): "for a long time the prejudice has prevailed that women cannot compose..." Not so at all.

Maria Szymanowska's Nocturne is achingly beautiful. Fanny Hensel, the beloved sister of Felix Mendelssohn wrote some lovely pieces: Melodie (op. 4 no. 2) and yet another Melodie (op. 5 no. 4). Clara Schumann was known for supporting her famous husband Robert Schumann, but equally she was a composer in her own right.

This is one of my ongoing projects - to collect music composed by women and also to understand their lives. So far I've got four albums of music by women composers, not including myself! But I have a long way to go yet!

6 October 2002 Sunday

Women composers: a bibliography of Internet resources
by Tara Guthrie - a lot of dead links here.
Women in music - historical women composers - alphabetical list
Women composers whose music have been recorded - Kapralova society
Women composers and women's music
Women composers compiled by Duke University Music Dept
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