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I didn't realise what I started with The Diary of Anne Ku in May 2000 was an activity called blogging. I suppose Bon Journal is also a weblog. But I do all this manually.

"Creating and maintaining a weblog is called 'blogging'. If you have a weblog, or contribute to a weblog, you are a 'blogger' (Clyde, Freepint newsletter)

In Clyde's Freepint article, she wrote "A weblog can take the form of a diary, a news service (or summaries of and links to current news items on a topic), a collection of links to other Web sites, a series of book reviews, reports of activity on a project, the journal of an expedition, a diary of a family holiday written for the folks back home, a photographic record of life with a new puppy, or the random thoughts of a publicity-obsessed egomaniac. Or any one of a number of other forms. Professional photographers create weblogs to show off their photographs (as do the proud parents of new babies). Musicians create weblogs with embedded sound files of their work."

I would like to graduate from a blogger to a columnist. And the final target is to syndicate the column. Eventually I'd like to publish a book out of it. My! What ambitions I have! Aim high, I was told.

But before I blog my way through the Net, let me introduce the Best of Bon Journal in 2-page newsletters which my readers can print, photocopy, and distribute in places where people are bored stiff waiting. They are the ones that would most likely pick up a foreign object, like a newsletter they've never seen before in their lives. Those people waiting to see their doctor, dentist, or job centre advisor will have the patience and the time. I will be present to watch their reaction. What is Bon Journal like, to the offline reader?

5 October 2002 Saturday

Weblog wonderland, a parody by Mad Kane, humour columnist
New kids on the blog, The Week, 11 August 2002
Want your diary (blog) to be read by others?, Business Line, 29 July 2002
The Internet Courses: weblogs, Dr L. Anne Clyde, University of Iceland
Weblogs and blogging part 1, and
part 2
Freepint newsletter feature article by Laurel A. Clyde, May 2002
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