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Bon Journal

Minding the body

All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. All mind and no body makes Jane a lifeless soul.

Had I continued my daily 2-hour workout since 1997, I would be Miss SuperFit by now. Instead, my mind took over, and my body got neglected.

It didn't make sense to join a health club if my travel schedule was unpredictable. I would be paying to be absent.

Unknowingly, I followed the path of least resistance -- going swimming when it was convenient and cycling when the weather was nice.

One day my body reacted. "Pay attention to me," it screamed. First the neck and back ached. Then my clothes refused to cooperate. Finally, I conceded.

The local gym has been very persistent. Every month they have different specials to entice me to join. I told the membership representative that I wanted a flexible membership which included bringing guests who visit from abroad and allowing someone else to use the club when I wasn't around. They didn't have such a flexible plan, but they offered me a seven day trial.

Being the optimiser that I am, I've turned my life upside down to attend the various classes and make use of the facilities. Tonight, for instance, I took the "Legs, Bums, and Thighs" toning class followed by another hour of "Total Body" aerobics class. If the swimming pool wasn't so full, I would have swum another half an hour.

But tomorrow morning I shall get up early for the "High Low" aerobics class. Yesterday my blonde instructor was a cross between Madonna and Kate Winslet as she hollered us to the Body Conditioning class. Will I ever look like the various fitness instructors? Probably not. But at least my body feels alive once more!

23 April 2002 Tuesday